Come to the Wealth Triangle weekend event at my exclusive waterfront coaching center. I will show you step by step how to use your business to increase your net worth while enjoying semi-retirement freedom.


Coaching Center


Dear Fellow Small Business Owner,

If you read the Small Business Wealth Triangle, you already know my story of how I used the Wealth Triangle to create a multi-million dollar net worth from my conventional business , alternate businesses and real estate all while working part time hours. If you want to duplicate my results in your business, join me for two days and I will give the details that have been life changing for me.


I call my coaching center “Creators Landing”. It is the place where small business owners come to create their best lives. In this inspirational setting you will have an experience unlike any other seminar, retreat or workshop. I believe that the location itself is part of the event. The coaching center is an alternate business for me, so you will actually get to experience my alternate business from the inside out.

What is the agenda at the two day event?


The agenda is you.


I will take all of the ideas and strategies I have discovered and tested in the last 11 years of practicing the Wealth Triangle and tell you exactly how and why they work. Since the group is limited to just 30 business owners I will show you how you can apply these ideas to your unique situation.


We will discuss:

  • How to escape your conventional business so it can run without you
  • How to increase your income while working half as many hours
  • How to take trips and actually be “gone” instead of “on call”
  • How to buy or build your own commercial property and potential make over a million dollars in profit like I did 3 of my properties
  • How to create an alternate businesses income stream
  • I will show you the nuts and bolts of my 4 alternate business that each produce a full time income from me, some in as little as 5 minutes per month.
  • Bring your alternate business ideas and I will tell you exactly how I would start them making profit quickly

We will cover all of that and much more.


How much?

The event is $2000 for you and one guest as long as they are business partner in your same business or a family member. This is an introductory price and definitely will go up in the future. Keep in mind over 1700 people have attended my 2 day workshops that have as many as 600 people in the room and paid $1597.

As with all my events you are covered by a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. At the end of the first full day if you don’t feel that the event was worth way more than you paid for it, simply tell us, turn in your materials and we will refund 100% of you money.

If you read the book and like the concept of the Wealth Triangle, don’t miss this opportunity. I don’t need the money from these events; I do them as an alternate business for the challenge and fun. Once I have reached my limit of how many days of coaching per year I have set for myself, I will not be running more new events and a waiting list for the following year will be started. It makes no sense to write a book about semi-retirement and then work a lot more as a result of it.

Take the next step. Fill out the form or if you have questions call or email us. You have a lot to gain and with the guarantee you really have nothing to lose.

I look forward to showing you the Wealth Triangle Way.

To your Success

Sam Beckford